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My Mission

My first priority will be to help you choose the right process to fit your unique situation – a process that meets your emotional and financial interests and those of your children. Process options may change prior to resolving all issues and may depend on the amount of conflict versus cooperation between you and your spouse.

During the first many years of my practice I focused on litigation where I witnessed the huge financial and emotional cost of this process. As a result, I began my training in alternative dispute resolution practices including mediation and Collaborative Family Law. Since early 2000, I have offered these processes and have seen first hand the huge benefits they offer. Though litigation is sometimes a necessary element of my practice, I generally view it as a last resort.

Once we have determined the most appropriate process for you, I will strive to achieve settlement of your issues as expeditiously and economically as possible.

As a parent, I recognize the importance of insulating the children from the conflict that is often present at separation. My fundamental belief is that the best interests of the children must be paramount in all negotiations and resolution, regardless of the dispute resolution process used. It is our job as adults to protect their interests. I believe that the use of professionals with the appropriate expertise to deal with parenting issues best serves the family. Therefore, if there are difficult parenting issues, I will almost always propose seeking the assistance of a mental health professional trained in family mediation.